Big Girls Do Cry

Last week I was promoted to manager for my department. It was somewhat of a surprise, but since I've been doing the job for the past 2 years I wasn't completely caught off guard. Surprisingly, so far I've only made one associate (not on my team) cry. I called her into my office to talk to her about some rumors that I heard. After she cleared up the rumor, I asked her how things were going. Offered the help of my team to assist her with some things and offered to talk to her supervisor for her so she can get some needed additional training. She thanked me and walked out. Later I found out she was crying at her desk. When she asked was asked why, she said, "someone in this company actually cares about us." It definitely lifted my spirits for a Monday afternoon. Here's to making more associates cry.

Gym Update - 3 weeks Down

Well, I just finished week #3 at the gym.
Things seem to be going well. Getting up at 5am is getting easier. I set a goal for myself of not hitting the snooze button when the alarm goes off. I only hit it one morning and missed a chance to work out that morning. However, I headed into work early and took an extended lunch so that I could work on during my lunch break. I was able to get in 30 min of cardio and a quick shower before heading back to work.

I've been using a website SparkPeople to keep track of what I eat and daily calorie intake. Portion size has definitely been an eye opener to both Bill and I. Luckily, Bill has been working from home and not traveling so he has time during the day to figure out what we are going to have for dinner. At work, Lunch for me has typically been a salad with various toppings. I'm sure things will get a bit more challenging when he starts traveling again in a week or so.

Week 0: 248 lbs (scale at the gym)
Week 1: 245 lbs (home scale - bought a new one during the first week)
Week 2: 240 lbs
Week 3: 239 lbs

So that's 9 lbs in 3 weeks. Not too bad. I took some measurements on Week 1 that I'll check again on Week 5. We will see how that turns out.

Right now, I'm not focused on the weight so much as I am wanting to feel better about myself. The working out is helping me physically and helping cut down on the stress in my life. To me, that is the most important thing right now.

Hugs to all.. Mike
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Internet Explorer 8 help!!

Problem - I'm trying to run the same web-based application in 2 different I.E. 8 windows on my work laptop. Everytime I do something on one window, the other window picks that up as well. I didn't have that problem with I.E. 7. I was able to do separate tasks in each window. I've tried everything I can do. Application is only compatible with internet explorer. I already tried Chrome and Firefox.

Any suggestions? Our I.T. department has been no help.

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Dear god - why can't I have a hot bearish repairman show up at my house instead of the 2 guys that showed up tonight? Oh, and is it too much to ask that he actually shows up on time?

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Rain - lots of rain. News was calling for 2-4 inches. We have around 7 so far.
I don't think the pool will need water for a while. Of course, I'll have to get all the crap out of it now and shock it again sometime soon so that it doesn't turn green.

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And now we have tornado warnings.

Reason # 9992 Why Idiot Annoy the F*ck out of Me

This is not an April Fools joke. To be honest, I thought it was, but the guy was too stoned this morning to think straight.

1:00AM - cell phone rings - thinking it must be important, I answer it.
Me: Hello (wait a few seconds) Hello
Caller after 30 seconds: Uh.. (hangs up)

1:07AM - cell phone rings
Me: Hello (wait a few seconds) Hello

The cell phone then goes on vibrate

This morning, I wake up. I have 8 missed calls and 6 voice messages. All from the same number (same as the 2 calls I answered)

Results of the voicemail: Nothing

I chalk it up to someone drunk dialing

Skip ahead to 10am at work - when my cell rings - same number. This should be good one I thought.

Me: Hello (wait a few seconds) Hello
Caller: Ummm..Hello
Me: What do you want?
Caller: Dude - You answered the phone
Me: Well, it rang. What do you want?
Caller: Dude - You answered the number I called
Me: Yes, dumbass, You called, I answered
Caller: This is weird. I just got this phone yesterday.
Me: That's nice. What the F*ck do you want?
Caller: I just got this phone yesterday. This is the number they gave me. They gave us the same number.
Me: No. You are calling from a different number
Caller: No I'm not.
Me: Hey dumbass, what number did they give you
Caller: 214-864-XXXX
Me: And what number did you just call?
Caller: 214-264-XXXX
Me: Do you see the difference?
Me: You are a F*cking Idiot. Your number is 214-864-XXXX. You dialed 214-264-XXXX. they are not the same number, dumbass.
Caller: Really? Wow. dude, I tried all night to set my voice mail up.
Me: Yes, I know.
Caller: No, way! How did you know that?
Me: Because you called my F*cking number.
Caller: Dude. Are you sure?
Me: Dumbass, you just called me now. do me a favor, ok?
Caller: ok
Me: Do you have a marker or pen?
Caller: Yes. I have a sharpee
Me: Perfect. Now, grab the sharpee.
Caller: OK.
Me: Now, hold out your other hand and write on your arm. 214-864-XXXX
Caller: Ok. I got it
Me: That is your telephone #. Hang up now and call that number.
Caller: Will this wipe off?
Me: I certainly hope not.
Caller: OK. Bye

Some people are just too stupid to live.