Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

The Interview

The interview went well. I ended up interviewing with 3 people at once. Two were managers that I'd be reporting to and the other was the person I was replacing. They are wanting some one who has a background using Access, which I do, and someone with a background in finance/accounting, which I do. They want someone familiar with Peoplesoft, I am familiar with SAP. So we shall see. They said that I would find out tomorrow sometime.

I asked the person I would be replacing to explain his normal every day activities. Surprisingly, it wasnt that much different than what I did with Wyndham. The major difference is that he uses SQL more than I did, so I would need to learn that. That also may be what keeps me from getting the job. I can do queries in Access to pull the data, I am not familiar with all of the SQL language behind it all. None of them seemed too concerned that I wasnt really familiar with PeopleSoft. I explained that I seem to pick things up pretty quickly and if I didnt know something, I know there are resources out there to help me learn it quick.

Keeping my fingers crossed
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