Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

EdC Weekend

Well, the past weekend was Esprit de Corps weekend here in Dallas. Its not a big leather event, in fact, its fairly small. We had 56 people register for the event. But included in that 56 were some of the best leathermen in the country. Heck, this year, we even went international as we had a gentleman from Switzerland and another from England in attendance.

I was the coordinator for the event. It was the first time that I have ever attempted to put an event together. The weekend included 3 play parties, a dinner and a bar night. Pretty much a relaxed weekend for those in attendance.
Since I tend to be a control freak when I am put in charge of something, I was stressing most of last week about the event. I wanted everything to go perfectly. By the time Friday night came around, I resigned myself to "it is what it is". Nothing more I could do at that point.

Overall, everything went well. I had the dinner on Saturday catered and we ran out of the one entree before the last 10 people went through the line. But no one really complained about it. There was still plenty of other food for them to eat.
My proudest moment was the standing ovation I got when Bill introduced me as the coordinator of the event. People were complimenting me all weekend. It felt really good, especially coming from club brothers who didnt think I could handle the responsibility.

As far as play goes, I didnt get to play as much as I wanted. Mostly because I was too exhausted from trying to keep things in check. I did get to do an electro/sounds scene and helped do a hot wax scene on another guy. It was my first time doing sounds and I am definitely hooked on it. I was told that if I looked stressed out that I was going to be a cub pinatta complete with strips of colored duct tape and have guys lined up to take a few whacks at me with a cane. Still might have to do that at our next club party :)
Most of the time, I was walking around checking on the out of town guests or sitting out on the patio smoking a cigar chatting with people. But I do have several scenes set up for when I go to Inferno and Delta in the fall though :)

Now that EdC is over, I'm putting together a guide for whoever does it next year. At least that person can have some suggested guidelines as to how I did things this year. I've already been asked to coordinate next year's run, but not sure if I'm going to do it. Being unemployed, I had time to run around and do things for it. I'm not sure how I would have done it if I had been working. I did tell people that we need to get more members involved in the planning of the event and not rely on the officers to do everything. Hopefully, the membership will authorize the formation of a committee for it next year.
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