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Figured I'd do this meme [May. 23rd, 2006|11:56 pm]

1) How old were you?
THEN: 25
NOW: 35

2) Where did you work?
THEN: Mellon Bank, Holiday Inn-Parkway East
NOW: Unemployed til next week, then start with ICS

3) Where did you live?
THEN: Carrick PA (suburb of Pittsburgh)
NOW: Carrollton TX

4) How was your hair style
THEN: Cant really remember. probably buzzed short, as my partner was in cosmetology school and I buzzed it short after he turned my hair carrot top orange
NOW: shaved

5)Did you wear contacts?
THEN: no
NOW: no

6) Did you wear glasses?
THEN: yes
NOW: yes

7) Who was your best friend?
THEN: Scott
NOW: Bill

8) Which of your pets were still alive?
THEN: Nero (cat) and Ozzie (cat)
NOW: Nero (cat) and Sparky (dog)

9) Who was your boyfriend?
THEN: Scott
NOW: Bill

11) Who was your celebrity crush?
THEN: Bruce Willis
NOW: No one really

12) Who was your regular-person crush?
THEN: Billy
NOW: No one really

13) How many piercings did you have?
THEN: none
NOW: 2 (left nipple and PA)

4) How many tattoos did you have?
THEN: none
NOW: none

15) What was your favorite band/singer?
THEN: Bush and No Doubt
NOW: Dont really have a favorite these days.

16) Had you smoked a cigarette?
THEN: yes
NOW: pipe and cigars only these days

17) Had you gotten drunk?
THEN: Oh yea. Every Sunday at Donny's Place. $5 All You Can Eat and Drink from 4pm-10pm. Couldnt beat it
NOW: Have a drink every now and then

18) What kind of Car did you drive?
THEN: 1985 Chevy Citation
NOW : 1998 Ford Escort

19) What was your weight?
THEN: 190
NOW: 220

20) What was your favorite TV shows?
THEN: Melrose Place
NOW: LOST, 24, Sopranos

21) Were you using the internet?
THEN: Yes, AOL only
Now: Yes