Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Employment is a good thing

The first week at the new job went well. I really like the people in my department and the position does seem to be a challenging one which will prevent me from being bored. I spent most of Thursday and Friday in training classes. When I wasnt in training, I was sitting with one of the receivables reps learning what they do so that I have a better understanding of what I will be doing. Part of the training with her including processing some of the many forms that she is required to do. I seem to be picking things up quickly.

Some observations from the first week on the job:
1. One of the receivable reps asked me what 10% of $6.99 was. I said it rounds to $0.70. She then asked me what 6 times that amount was and I replied $4.20. Her response was "Wow, I'm impressed. You did that all in your head" I now feel sadder for the state of our education system in this country.
2. Trainers who conduct classes should be familiar with the equipment that they are using before class begins. I had to show my trainer (not the receivables rep, but the actual trainer) how to use her laptop as she couldnt figure out how to move the curser on the screen.
3. One of the things the trainer taught me during class was certain abbreviations that the receivables reps are supposed to use when the document things in the system. One of the examples she showed me stated. "PDC. Customer is sending hte payment today" Her comment on this was: "I really wish they would use standard abbreviations and not make their own up. I have no idea what a 'hte' payment is" I figured that I wouldnt correct her as it might embarrass her.
4. I will probably go crazy at some point. In a department of 16 people, there are only 2 males. Jay, the supervisor and myself.
5. A 5 mile drive to work takes around 10 minutes. The same 5 minute drive home can take 20-25 minutes at 5:00PM. On a positive note, I can drive home for lunch, take Sparky for a walk and still be back to the office in an hour.
6. I make sure every day to say "Good Morning" to everyone in the department and especially to the admins. You never know when you might need them to do something for you.
7. My department loves to eat. It seems like someone is always bringing something in to eat on a daily basis. Plus, my manager, keeps the department supplied with candy. This is not a good thing for people who are trying to lose weight.

All in all, it was a good week. I am really looking forward to working there. The atmosphere seems to be very similar to how it was at my last job as they seem to be a very close knit group. Everyone seems to enjoy working there.

Thats not to say that I dont miss my coworkers from Wyndham. We still manage to get together at least once a month. Most of us have found other jobs since being laid off in December. Of course, getting together for lunch is going to be challenging as we are now spread around the metroplex. But then, there is always happy hour at Kelly's in Coppell.
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