Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Week Two at the Job

The second week went better than the first. Other than a mixup where they had me scheduled for 2 classes at the same time, training wasnt too bad. I still dislike the one trainer. She was a former elementary teacher and that is the way she teaches her classes, complete with checkmarks and stars on the tests.

My weekend was pretty good. Friday night, we went to the Eagle for Discipline Corps monthly bar night. We didnt stay long as Dad had a bad headache and the loud music wasnt helping things.
Saturday, I worked on finishing the painting in the living room. Ceilings are a bitch to paint, but it was something that had to be done.
Saturday night, we went with some friends to see "The King and I" at Bass Hall in Ft Worth. The show was probably one of the better ones that I have seen. Lou Diamond Phillips played the King. I couldnt really get into the actress that played Anna. She must have studied Julie Andrews before she took on this role.
Sunday, was the Discipline Corps play party. Duct tape was again my friend :) This time Dad put strips of duct tape on me at the beginning of the party. He told people that if they felt like pulling a strip off, they had to replace it with a strip of equal or larger size. Of course, by the end of the party, I had quite an assortment of duct tape on various parts of my body. and what goes on, has to come off. Luckily not too much hair was lost in the process. Of course, it felt like more came off than it did. But I was flying high and definitely enjoying myself.

I have my first major project due at work tomorrow. I have most of it done and hopefully I'll be able to finish up either tonight or tomorrow at work.

Hope all is well in the world with everyone.
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