Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Weekend Update

Got my first real paycheck in a little over 5 months on Friday.

Didnt do much Friday night. Dad's flight from Denver was delayed a bit, so by the time he got home, neither one of us was in the mood to head out any where.

Saturday evening, we went down to the Hidden Door. Discipline Corps was sponsoring a cocktail party for the FireDancer's Run. It was a fun evening. lthrfan and lthrchaps6 were there along with a few other club brothers. DC's cocktail was again the talk of the event. We find out today if we won "Best Cocktail" again. I couldnt tell you what is in our cocktail mix.
There were a few other clubs that sponsored cocktails throughout the night. It was great showing up to a bar at 6:30pm, leaving at midnight, and not having to pay for a drink all night.
Some of the other cocktail mixes were just down right awful. One club's cocktail was called a "Dirty Golfball". I have no idea what was in it, but it was green and very sour. It was funny watching people try it. The best part was the club's members trying it after the made it. The looks on their faces were priceless.

Today, Dad and I are off to see "Bombay Dreams" at the Music Hall in Fair Park. It has been getting great reviews in the metroplex so I am looking forward to seeing it.

Not sure what we are doing after the show. I doubt if we'll go out to the Door for Beer Bust, since we will be dressed up for the show. Probably come home and just relax.
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