Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Update since last week

Friday night, Dad and I went to the Eagle for a few drinks. It was definitely an odd night and stranger than usual crowd. One guy reminded me of a very bad 70s porn, complete with the mirrored sunglasses and cheap cigar. I was going to pull out my phone and get a picture of him, but thought it would be rather tacky. We hung out til around 1:30a, then headed home.

Saturday, Dad and I went to Home Depot to buy more stuff for the bathroom so that I can finally finish that project. Spent Saturday afternoon staining the wood for the baseboards. Saturday night, I put in the new vanity and sink.

Sunday, we went to see Les Miserables at the Music Hall at Fair Park. The show was fantastic. Definitely the best show that I've seen this year. Next up, is Mama Mia

Sunday night, we put the new medicine cabinet and mirror in the bathroom.

Monday, I had to work. I still havent been introduced to the client that I am supposed to be do analysis for. I met with my manager on Monday to express my concerns. I was hired because the client demanded this position. He was told that I would be officially on his account June 28th, but as of Monday, he hasnt been told my name or any detail regarding my abilities. I also found out that when I am not doing analytical work for the client, I will be assisting the AR person assigned to him, basically serving as her backup.

Dad and I decided to skip the fireworks in Addison this year. Neither one of us wanted to deal with the crowd. Instead we went out to dinner at the Grand Lux at the Galleria, came home and sat out by the pool.

Today, I installed the new lighting in the bathroom and then helped Dad with installing the new lighting in the playroom, which is almost functional. I also had Dad help me measure my feet and calves for my boots that I am having custom made.

I need to get a new fan/heat lamp for the bathroom and some quarter-round to go along the ceiling and then the guest bathroom is finished. Next up is the master bathroom. Floor tile is already done. I just need to find the right vanity, sink, etc to go in there. Hopefully Dad and I will find something this weekend, so that I can work on it while he is in Vegas next week for a conference.

Other than that not much else going on. Talk to my parents Sunday night. Family is doing well. My father just go back from working with Habitat for Humanity in West Virginia for a week. He is definitely enjoying being retired. It also seems that my uncle is getting re-married next May.

and only 68 days til my vacation starts. We are attending Inferno Session B and Delta. Both should be very fun events. Looking forward to seeing some friends that I havent seen in a while.
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