Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Not much has been going on with me lately. Work is getting better in that I finally have stuff to do. I was told the other day to keep a close eye on what the AR Rep for my client does on a daily basis and keep her focused on what she is supposed to do. Even though she and I are supposed to work together for this client, her supervisor feels she needs some added supervision. Fun Fun Fun for me, cause to me it feels like I am being asked to keep tabs on her so that her superviser doesnt have to.

Had a fun weekend last weekend. I got an invite to a pool party at a buddy's house. I had a great time, even though I didnt get into the water. 105 degrees, sunny and no shade in the pool would have left me a crispy critter, and I definitely wasnt wanting that.

I found out yesterday that I might be headed to San Diego in late August to meet my client in person. I was all excited until I found out that it would be a day trip, leaving early in the morning and returning late in the evening. I was hoping for at least an evening there to check the sights out. But I was told that I would be on an early morning flight to arrive in San Diego around 9ish and leave there around 6ish. I really really hope they reconsider that.

Today, we are having our new carpet installed in the living room and dining room. So far its looking good. I spent that last few nights, finishing up the painting in the living room and rearranging things so that the carpet can be installed. Of course, the one guy who is installing the carpet told Bill that he was the one who installed the old carpet. When I heard that, my comment was.."I hope they do a better job on this installation". Luckily, we are having this done through Home Depot and if we have any problems, they'll fix it.

Hopefully they'll be done soon so that we can put our furniture back in place. Next project is getting new blinds and window treatments.

Not sure what we'll do the rest of the day. Maybe head out for a few drinks, but not sure if we'll do that or not. Lately I've been content to sit at home by the pool with a Michelob Amber Bock or a Jack/coke.

After 11 days of 100+ degree temps, the weather man said that a cold front is coming in. I'm sorry, but dropping the temps to the upper 90s is not a cold front to me :)
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