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[Aug. 6th, 2006|07:57 pm]
Been a while since I've posted anything. Work is still going good. I should find out tomorrow if my trip to San Diego is a day trip or a 2 day trip. I'm really hoping for the 2 day trip.

Other than work I havent really been doing too much. I went out with a few former coworkers from Wyndham the other night. Had a fun time, especially checking out the guys on bikes pulling into the parking lot of the bar. I need to hang out there more often :)

I really need to get out more when Dad isnt home. I spend most of my evenings watching tv or chatting online. I should do more productive things like go to the gym once in a while. Since I've started back to work, I can tell that I have put on some weight. Need to lose some of it before heading to Inferno and Delta next month.

well, off to watch Deadwood.