Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Work Trip

Well I found out today when my trip to San Diego is:

Date: 23Aug - Wednesday
Flight: AMERICAN AIRLINES 1439 McDonnell Douglas Super MD-80(S80)
Departure: DFW Dallas/ Fort Worth 07:39 AM 2HR 50MIN
Arrival: SAN San Diego 08:29 AM

Date: 23Aug - Wednesday
Flight: AMERICAN AIRLINES 2290 McDonnell Douglas Super MD-80(S80)
Departure: SAN San Diego 04:56 PM 2HR 53MIN
Arrival: DFW Dallas/ Fort Worth 09:49 PM

Yep, that's right folks..a freaking day trip.

In other news, the power went off at work yesterday at around 4:30. When I got there this morning, I.T. had extention cords laid down all over the office. Our computers were up and down all morning, because as soon as someone decided to print or opened a large file on their PC, the breaker would go. Finally, at 11am, the electricians got everything fixed. Luckily I remembered to save all my work every 5 minutes. I would have been really pissed if I had not done that. Unfortunately for some people, they didnt save theirs.

I can't wait til we move to our new building. Seems like every time the wind blows outside, we lose power at this building.
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