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My Year in Review

All in All I would have to say 2003 was a pretty damn good year for me.
Work was the same. Dealt with the same crap that I did the previous year. More automation of reports though, which is a good thing.
Things between Dad and I got a little rocky at times, but heck, thats relationships for you. We worked thru them and they made the relationship stronger in the end.
January we brought the new year in at a CHC party in Chicago. Dad and I had started the Atkins diet in early December, but gave it a break while we were in Chicago. Got my first pair of leather pants and a leather shirt. WooHoo!

February was Esprit de Corp here in Dallas. Didnt do alot of playing that weekend, but still managed to have a good time. I did get to experience needle play for the first time though! and my first taste of duct tape play :-) I started a second job at Lowes towards the end of the month. Wanted to try to earn some extra cash to pay off a few bills.

March was Smokeout in Las Vegas. Had a great time, met some new friends, and lost some cash. We considered going back in 2004, but since we just bought the house, we decided to hold off on this year.

My parents came to Texas for a week in April. Basically let them do the touristy things on their own. Dad and I went with them to a few places.

In May, my nephew Matthew was born. Dad and I took a few days off work and spent it at our hotel in Arlington, Tx. Not much of a vacation you might say, but hell, we got away by ourselves and got to relax alot

Dad had to take the month of June off to head to Minnesota to take care of his mother after she had surgury. Before he left, I got a PA. didnt hurt as much as I thought, but bled like crazy for a few days. I flew up the last weekend, and drove home with him. Stopped in KC, where we went to an amusement park, hit the bars and just had a great time entertaining ourselves.

July was rather uneventful. went to a few swim parties, but mostly spent time looking for houses and jobs in the upper midwest. We were seriously considering moving, but as things would have it, we bought a house here in Dallas and decided to stay. Dad also made contact with his father. A man who he hasnt seen since he was a baby. Seems his mom and dad got divorced and they agreed that he wouldnt have any contact with Dad.

August was pretty much the same as July. The last weekend, Dad and I left for DELTA and then from there we went to INFERNO. Had a great time at both. Both events allowed me to be the pain pig that I am

Got back from Inferno on September 7. Left for PA to visit my family and to see my nephew for the first time. We had family pictures taken for the first time in about 10 years. My pics actually came out better than I thought they would. of course, over the year, I had lost 25 lbs. Still working towards my goal of being under 200. September was the month that we started looking for houses in Dallas

Mid-october we found our house. closed on it October 29th. finally our own place! Smoketoberfest was the 3rd weekend. Had a great time with fellow cigar smokers. Halloween I wore my leather to work because the HR crew wanted me too. Wanted me to be a biker and they were my bitches :-). My parents also paid another visit to Dallas in October. This time they drove and brought my grandfather with them. From what every one told me at his funeral in December, the trip was something he constantly talked about.

Dad and I went to Chicago for Associates Weekend. Had a very good time. I became a CHC associate. spent most of the month packing boxes and getting thing ready to move into our new house. Spent Thanksgiving at John and Eric's.

My grandfather passed away in December. He was 90 years old and passed away in his sleep. He died 2 days before my grandparents anniversary. (My grandmother passed away 10 years ago) and 3 days before my grandmother's birthday. As my sister put it, maybe he wanted to spend an anniversary with my grandmother for once. Either way, if there is a heaven, I know that he is there. cause if he isnt.. there isnt any hope for the rest of us.
Christmas with Dad in our new house was great. had friends over Christmas eve and really enjoyed ourselves. Dad and I bought a few gifts for one another, even though we said we wouldnt.

Well, I've rambled on long enough. Here's to 2004!
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