Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Lately work has been frustrating, more than the usual day to day stuff. Frustrating to the point that I have considered looking for a new job. I was even planning on updating my resume online tonight when I got home. Since I've only been with this company since May, I really dont feel any loyalty to them right now. I may feel guilty for leaving, but that'll pass I'm sure.
Imagine my surprise today when I got a phone call from a recruiter. Turns out she and I used to work for the same company. It turns out that she is the recruiter for a company that some former executives of my old company formed a few years ago. She was calling to ask if I'd be interested in working for them. I told her that I would send my resume tonight when I got home from work.
As much as I'd love to take the position, if offered, I'll probably turn it down. I'm not sure I'm able to take a 10% drop in pay right now. Although she did say that we could work something out with the salary. Guess it wont hurt to talk to them.
Hmmm.. I just got another email from a recruiter who has a position at Chase he'd like to talk to me about.

Maybe I'll find a job that I actually enjoy
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