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Happy 2004 [Jan. 2nd, 2004|07:42 am]
[Current Mood |refreshedrefreshed]

Dad and I spent New Years Eve with friends playing poker, smoking cigars, eating and having a few drinks. I actually walked out of there with more money than I started with. Not much more, but when you are only playing nickle, dime and quarter with max raise of $0.75. At least it wasnt like last time when I lost my entire $10 buy-in by midnight. Jake was the big winner again this time, winning $12 more than he started out with. It was a good time and hell, even if I had lost my entire buy-in, it is still much less than I would have spent at the Eagle that night, if we had gone out.
I really hate being out and about on holidays. Especially ones that involve partying, such as New Years Eve. Amateur Night. When I worked at Seven Springs Ski Resort, there was always 2-3 serious accidents that night.
So, we are driving home from Mike and Tony's at around 2:30am, heading up 75/Central Expressway, when some idiot passes us like we were parked. I was travelling with traffic at around 65-70. Accident waiting to happen, luckily we turned onto LBJ shortly after he passed us. We finally make it home at around 3am, let the puppy out to do his business, play with him a bit and head to bed.
Woke up at around 10pm, watched some TV. Dad and I went out for lunch and then headed to a movie. Saw Mona Lisa Smile. definite chick flick, but a fairly good movie, nonetheless. typical Julia Roberts film. left the theater and stopped at the store, bought some pizza and ice cream (Ben and Jerry's on sale.. woohoo ) Cashier asked Dad if his wife was pregnant. He looked at me, rubbed my tummy, and said.. Not yet, but we are working on it and kissed me on the cheek. the look on her face was priceless. as I'm waiting for my change, Dad headed for the door. The cashier looked at me and said..."I didnt mean anything by that". I said.. no worries and headed out to the car laughing.
Got home, let Sparky out for a little bit, ate the pizza and watched TV.
all in all, a pretty uneventful and relaxing holiday.