Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Not a Happy Camper

History First
--Before I was hired in May, I arranged to take some time off in September to attend Inferno and Delta. The agreement was that I would be able to take the 7 days off that I requested, but that 3 of the days would be unpaid as I wouldnt have that much time available.
--August - My manager is informed that I dont have 4 days unpaid, I have 7 available to me. She asks if I want to use all my time for my trip in September. I said, "No, I might want to use those 3 days before the end of the year." She said, "We'll work something out. You could work 4 10-hour days and take a day off if you need." Yes, I got that in writing from her
--Today, I request the Friday off before Christmas so that I can have a few days with my family. The response was.."You already used your time for the year. You need to plan your time better."
The rest of the conversation went like this:
Me: I understand that. But you said that I could work 4 10-hour days that week and take that Friday off. (handed her copy of email)
Manager: Well, I've already let you do that once. You need to plan your time off better and you shouldnt have used all your time in September.
Me: I'm sorry. But in reading your email that I just handed you, you said that we'd work something out if I needed another day off.
Manager: Mike, we have clients that we have to service. I'm sorry if you cant plan your time off accordingly, but you have used all your time. I have been lenient with you on one occasion and let you take that Friday off to go camping, but you cant have the time off.
Me: Ok. Thanks. Guess I shouldnt have let you talk me into used all of my Paid Time Off in September. My fault completely. Thank you! (walked out of the office)

Now, I am really hoping that the recruiter finds me another job. The sooner the better. I hate working for people who don't stand by their word. Especially if I have it in WRITING from them.

In other news, I got my season tickets for the Dallas Summer Musicals 2007 season.
the 2007 Season consists of:
--Wonderful Town
--Sweet Charity
--The Lion King

The 2007 looks to be a much better season than the 2006 season was
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