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Emotional Rollercoaster [Feb. 21st, 2007|01:15 pm]
To say that I am emotional drained right now is an understatement.

Things with my Grandma have been up and down these past few days. Yesterday she was sitting up in bed and talk. The talking, according to my sister, was hard to understand and you had to ask her to repeat what she just said. But she was very aware of what was going on around her and recognized everyone.
Today, the bad news came. Although she is behaving the same way she did yesterday, her tests came back with not so positive results. The swelling in her brain has gotten worse. The neurologist gave the family 2 options.
Option 1 - Surgery to remove the swelling in her brain. This would involve removing part of her brain, mostly the part that controls her motor skills. More than likely she will not be able to walk after this surgery. The doctor also said that her chance of surviving the operation is about 50/50 right now.
Option 2 - Do nothing. By doing nothing, the swelling will likely get worse and she will eventually suffocate. Not a pleasant way to die, in my opinion.

My Dad called to talk to me and wanted to see what my feelings on it were. They are having a family meeting this afternoon to discuss the options. I told him that if Grandma is able to communicate as she has for the past few days, then the choice should be hers to make. My brother-in-law who is a doctor and my older sister, who is in the process of becoming a doctor, talked to her this morning and discussed everything with her. They did not ask her to make a decision, but wanted her to know what was going on. As a former nurse, she is aware of most of the potential risks with surgery at her age.
My Dad and his brothers, along with my Grandfather, are going to meet with her this afternoon and make the decision. Dad said that he'd call me later tonight and let me know what she has decided.

On top of things with my Grandmother, things at work have been draining as well. My new nickname at work is "The Fireman." I got this nickname because all I seem to be doing lately is putting out other people's fires. One or two a day isnt bad, but for the past month that is all i have been doing for 10 hours a day. I told my manager yesterday that this has to stop. Today I spent 2 hours in a meeting discussing the "fires" lately. It was the same song and dance. "We won't make these errors going forward" "The system has been fixed". I've heard all this before, so forgive me for being a little pessimistic. My client is difficult enough without having to deal with issues created by other departments.

Anyways, I couldnt take work any more today and headed home. I thought about having a drink, but in my current state, I probably won't stop at just a few. So, I'm just going to sit back with a cigar, turn on some music and zone out for the rest of the day.
Oh, and to top it all off, Bill left for his business trip this morning and won't be home until Friday night. Luckily, Sparky is sitting here with his head resting in my lap. Think we'll go for a long walk today.

From: master_roy
2007-02-22 01:56 am (UTC)
Hey there! Thinking about you and all the strife you've had of late. Regards to Daddy and I hope we get to see you guys at EdC in a few weeks...We're all set with reservations, coming in on Fri early afternoon and home Monday around noon. MasterRoy
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[User Picture]From: txlthrson
2007-02-22 02:06 am (UTC)
hello Sir.. looking forward to seeing you at EdC. should be a fun time. I know i'm ready for it
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