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Wondering [Jan. 5th, 2004|04:03 pm]
[Current Mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[Current Music |Summer Nights. relaxation CD]

Few weeks ago, Dad and I were at the Eagle having a few cocktails when this guy comes up and introduces himself. We chat for a bit. When Dad leaves for the restroom, the guy starts asking questions about our relationship. Is it open? Do we play? I gave me responses to him.. no, in both cases, in case you are wondering. We chat a bit more and he leaves.

Last night I get an IM online from the guy, saying that it was great meeting us at the Eagle that night. We chat a bit about Pennsylvania and the people in Philly and Pittsburgh that we both know. Suddenly the conversation goes:
Him: Id sure love to get into that sweet ass of yours
Me: Wont happen J..., we dont play
Him: Yea, you said that. I have a partner too. Our relationship isnt open either.
Me: ok
Him: But what the partners' dont know wont hurt them, right?
Me: Sorry buddy, not gonna happen
Him: Oh come on, you know you want it
Me: no, I'll pass buddy
Him: You know you want this thick Italian cock in that hole of yours
Me: Goodbye J.
i blocked him so that I wouldnt receive anymore IMs from him.

so today, I get an email from him telling me in detail what he wants to do with me and to me. I showed it to Dad and he just laughed, calling the guy a nut case.
So now I'm wondering.. I've politely told J.. that we dont play and that I will not cheat on my partner with him. I've always tried to be the good guy and do things that polite and considerate way. anyone have an idea how to approach this?