Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Glad the Weekend is here

Rather stressfree week at work this past week. The call with the client on Wednesday went very well. He seems to getting a better grasp on how things work, which is a good thing. I busted my butt all week making sure things were updated as of Tuesday so I ended up putting in quite a few extra hours.

We are still fighting with Home Depot about the front door. We were wanting to have every thing completed before our other contractor started on the siding for the house, but it looks like that wont happen. If we dont hear back from Home Depot by Monday, I guess I'll have to make a trip to the store and talk to the manager.

We went to see "Camelot" today at Fair Park. On the way there, we stopped by their box office to see about changing our tickets for "Chicago", since we will be at Boot Camp that weekend. Not only did we get them exchanged, but we ended up with much better seats. Instead of being in row V, we are not in rows E and F. The seats arent together, but hell, I can survive not sitting next to Dad for a few hours. We also were able to get better seats for the "Lion King" and "Spamalot". We thought about trying to get better seats for "Sweet Charity" but didnt want to push our luck.
Before we left, the clerk asked if we wanted to exchange our seats for "Camelot" as well. We asked what was available. He got us seats in row B, dead center orchestra. Hell, after sitting there today, I'm not sure if we could ever go back to Row V.
The show was OK.. definitely not as bad as "Wonderful Town" Michael York was overly dramatic in his portrayal as Arthur. and at some times, he was actually giving me the creeps. Especially at the beginning, when Guenevere (Rachel York) was in the woods. To me, he seemed like a "dirty old man" hiding in the trees. Rachel York has a great voice and if you close your eyes during the musical, her singing could make you forget the overly dramatic acting.

After the show, we stopped at a new Italian restaurant in north Carrollton for dinner. The food was pretty good, but the service wasnt the best. The service can be summarized in this exchange with our waiter:
Me: What is your house dressing?
Waiter: hmmm, i'm not sure how to describe it, but it is something that our chef makes here.
Me (Inner Voice): No shit, sherlock. Thats why it is called "house" dressing
Me (Outer Voice): Just bring it on the side, thanks.

We stopped at Albertson's on the way home to pick up a few movies and grab a few snacks for later tonight. We are planning to watch "Stomp the Yard" and "Pan's Labyrinth"

Next week at this time, we will be in SF enjoying a few days of rest and relaxation before heading to Boot Camp.
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