Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Rather uneventful weekend. Friday night, Dad and I went to dinner at Banana Tree -- great Thai food, probably best I've had in Dallas so far. Came home, hopped into the spa and relaxed for a few hours.
Saturday, while Dad took the lights down outside, I cleaned the house. used the floor scrubber that Mike and Tony bought us for a house warming gift. Dad had Sparky outside with him. Was 80 degrees outside. beautiful day. We decided to stay in and rent movies. Ended up getting 4. Hollywood Video will let you keep movies for 5 days, so we werent in any rush to see them all.
Watched League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - sorta disappointed in it. not at all what I thought it would be. Actually think I fell asleep during part of it. After that, noticed that Darkness Falls was coming on Showtime. decided to watch that. then watched S.W.A.T. much better than League.
Sunday, Dad took the ornaments off the tree and I did laundry and dishes. Headed to Oaklawn to help Chris with his DSL connection. Dad ended up setting up his stereo and computer speakers as well. Good thing was we got lunch out of the deal. Watched Finding Nemo, which rocked! great animated flick. loved Dori (voice of Ellen Degeneres). Ate dinner and watched 28 Days Later. if someone could explain this movie to me, I'd appreciate it. maybe I walked out to grab something to drink during an important part, but for most of the movie, I was lost. Finished the night watching Sex in the City and Queer as Folk.
all in all, a rather uneventful weekend. We're probably heading to the Eagle this Friday, as DC is having a bar night. We need to get our tickets for the parties Sat night and Sunday afternoon. I'm sure I'll get a good butt strapping this weekend. Hopefully, get my back flogged and whipped. that is, if I dont cough up a lung like I did 2 weekends ago at Dan's party. damn colds anyways.
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