Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Update from the Cub

Howdy all. Things have been busy, so I havent been online much. Plus, my laptop has been f*cking up on me lately and won't keep a charge.
New Battery - Nope
New Power Cord - Nope
New Motherboard - Check, but probably gonna opt for a new laptop.

Well, the Assistant Manager position was put on hold for a while due to moral problems in the department. I tried to tell them for a while now that there was a problem. But, since I am a supervisor over 2 accounts and only have 1 person reporting to me, they didnt take me serious. The other 2 Supervisors have 8 people reporting to them and they didnt see an issue, neither did my manager. By the way, those of you who think its strange that I am a Supervisor over 1 person and 2 accounts. Those 2 accounts together account for 40% of the transactions in our department.
My client, who is over the 2 accounts, called last week and couldnt say enough good things about me. He asked if ICS was treating me well and if everything is good. I told him that it was. He said, "Good, cause if you aren't happy, let me know..I'll make a few phone calls." At least I know that all my hard work isn't going unnoticed with him.

Things at home are good. Dad just came back from his vacation in SF (attended Boot Camp). He had a great time with friends. He said everyone was wondering where his furry boy was. He spent a few days in SF with friends before he went to Boot Camp. They went to Sacramento and Yosemite, taking a lot of pictures. Maybe one of these days, I'll get to see them :) Dad said that he had fun and got into a few scenes at Boot Camp. I manages to find myself some play while he was gone.

Play #1 involved a combination of cigar play, strapping and breath control.
Play #2 involved some nipple play and butt play.
A fun time was had by all :) If you want more details, shoot me an email.

Other than that, we havent been doing much of anything with gas prices taking a big hit to our wallets.

I did see "The Drowsy Chaperone" a few weeks ago. Great show that kept me laughing the entire time.
Today, I got to see "Stomp" for the first time. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Next on the agenda is "Hairspray" and "Avenue Q"

Dad has a conference in Orlando next month. I'm flying out with him a few days before so that we can check out the sites. If anyone has any suggestions on things to do (i.e. Universal vs Disney), let me know. I'm only there for 3 days, so I'm not sure what all I can fit in.

Well, that is about it.. Just a quick update on things. Hope all in well in LJ land with everyone.. Hugs
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