Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

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More Changes at Work

New Title - Supervisor, Client Financial Services
New Manager - My former manager was given the boot last week. They merged our department with yet another department. To be honest, I wasnt really that upset that she was let go. Under the new manager, I should be able to grow more professionally.
Only 1 more week until the collector on my accounts returns from her maternity leave. I might be able to have a life again.

Not much else going on. The city is replacing the pavement on the alley behind the house so for the next 3 weeks I have to park my truck on the street.

We leave for Orlando on the 3rd. Looks like we are doing Universal on the 4th, Epcot/Disney on the 5th. I return to Dallas on the 6th.

Hugs to all
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