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Weekend update [Jan. 12th, 2004|10:15 am]
Weekend was rather uneventful and relaxing this time.
Friday night, Dad and I went to the Eagle for the DC Bar night. Chatted with some members that I havent seen in a while (I havent been to the bar night or a play party since August). Had a few rum and cokes, smoked a cigar and enjoyed myself.
Saturday, Sparky decided to wake up at 7am and start barking. Went to the kitchen and let him outside, played with him a bit and went back to bed. Woke up at 9:30. Worked on cleaning the house while Dad worked in the garage. Dad decided to lay down to try to get rid of his headache. I laid on the sofa watching some tv and playing with Sparky.
Saturday evening we went to the Scene for the DC play party. Was a fun time. around 40 people showed up. Good turnout for our first Sat evening party. One side of the play space was in the 50s, because someone forgot to turn on the heat on that side, so I ended up doing a paddling scene with Dad with clothes on. After that I did my DM duty and relaxed a bit in the lounge area chatting with people. Then Dad decided to flog my back. Ended up stripping down for that. After a good hour flogging, Dad decided it was time to stop. which was good for me, cause I think my body was in various shades of red and blue. Red from the flogging, blue from the cold.
Sunday, we went with friends to "brunch" at the Sheraton Brookhollow. We are scouting out locations to have Sunday brunch during Esprit de Corp in February. The consensus was afterwards, that since this was the host hotel, we would only do the brunch here if they could guarantee that the food was hot. heck, the plates were warmer than the food. Hopefully, we'll be able to work something out in the next week with them or start looking for another place that would be willing to host 50-75 men.
After brunch, we headed off to the play space for the monthly meeting. After the meeting, it was time to play again. This time, I did a needle bondage scene with Matt. He placed 15 needles into my right side, wrapped them with dental floss and tied them to the chains supporting the floating bondage table that I was on. was an intense scene. Matt added a few more needles after I would not say that he was the most evil. (Dad and Matt have a contest to see which one I say is the most evil... a contest, this pain pig enjoys judging)
Very intense scene and this cub was flying high! Finally came back to reality, and it was time to head home. Cooked dinner and relaxed. Watched Sex in the City, Queer as Folk, and got caught up with the latest drama with my Mom and her relatives.
and now its Monday, and back to work. :-( oh well, Friday is only a few days away.