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Word of the Month - Change

A lot of things have gone on since I last posted.

First the Bad News:
1. Bill was laid off from his job at FedEx Office at the end of September. He's had a few leads since then so hopefully something pans out soon.
2. We had major foundation work done at the house to the tune of $11,000. The foundation work was done inside the house, so we have to redo the floors in all 3 bedrooms and hallway.
3. The foundation work fixed the doors so that they close properly, but caused some cracks in the wall. We decided to explore getting the drywall in the bedrooms and hallway worked on and repaint all the rooms
4. Another casualty of the foundation work - plumbing issues. So far the cost is roughly $5,000. with the floor in another hallway busted up along with the shower in the master bathroom.
5. My stress level with my current position reached an alltime high this week, which leads me to...

The Good News:
1. I was offered a new position at work in another area of our department. After all the stress that I've had with my current position, I decided to take it. It is a lateral move which means no more pay, but I'll get to learn a new system and gain more skills. My director knows that I want to eventually transition into a Project Manager position and she said that this new position would be a good gateway to that position. I'll no longer be a Supervisor, Client Financial Services, but be a Financial Analyst II in the chargeback department.
After 2 1/2 years in my current role, I definitely need a change. My primary client is probably going to throw a fit considering the PM over his account was transitioned over to a new account in August. Now he is going to have to deal with a new Supervisor over his account.
I talked to a few managers in other departments and most are supportive of my decision to change positions. Our customer service manager told me that it is a major loss to our current department as I was "one of the best" team members in that department, but she understood my reasons for wanting a change. She doesnt think the chargeback department was a good move for me as my "talents will be wasted there." I'm looking at it as a way to learn our business more and develop my skills. Plus, my new department has been having issues with a new system and I've shown that I am quick at learning new systems and finding ways to make things more efficient. that is the main reason why my director asked me to change roles in the organization. The announcement will be made on Monday to our division and I'm sure quite a few people will be shocked and surprised.
One good thing is that I will be directly involved in hiring my replacement and training them for their new position while learning mine.
2. I received my bonus today which was more than I expected. With the issues we've been having with the house, the extra cash will come in handy.
3. Vacation time is quickly approaching. I'm off the week of Thanksgiving and off for almost 10 days over Christmas. Next year, I think they'll think twice about denying my vacation requests at the beginning of the year.
4. My birthday is in a few weeks. My parents decided to head down for a visit so my father will be around to help do some electrical work that we want done on the house.

Hugs to all. I'll try not to wait another 4 weeks before posting again. :)
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