Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

45 Days In

45 days in my new position at work. Things are going well and I'm definitely less stressed. I'm still handling about 20% of the work for my old position, but each day I'm doing less and less. Robin and Joe (my replacements in my old position) commented today that they couldnt believe that I did everything by myself for the past 3 years.
I found out today that I get to attend a conference in Orlando in May. I'm trying to work it out so that I can either fly out the weekend before or stay the weekend after the conference.

Homelife is going good too. Bill is still looking for work, but I'm sure he'll find something eventually. He leaves tomorrow to head to Minnesota to visit his family for a few weeks. I told him that he might as well visit now while he can because he may not get vacation time for a while if he starts a new job. He's decided to drive because, for some strange reason, the cost of rental cars in through the roof these days. So he'll be taking my truck and driving home.

Everything else is going good. We've pretty much been home bodies these last few months. Neither one of us has really been in a social mood. I joked the other day that we must be getting old.

I joined Facebook the other day and have already been "friended" by quite a few people I graduated high school with. Most of them I have not talked to since I was handed my diploma 20 years ago. Although I am a little hesitant in dealing with some of them, I'm not hiding anything about myself and openly chat with them about Bill. If they have issues with me being gay then they aren't/weren't friends any way. But it will be good to catch up with them.

Well, outta here for now. Hugs to all.
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