Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Wow - Look who is actually posting to his journal

My short week at work went by pretty well. No major drama, which is a good thing. I'm really liking my new position, especially since I'm actually leaving work on time. Some people thought I was crazy to take a lateral move without a pay increase.
Actually it wasnt a pay increase, but it sure seems like one. I'm only in the office around 45 hours a week now vs. the 50-55 hours I was working before. I'm not logging in from home to get work done and I'm not working weekends. So the position was a promotion in a sense for me.

Bill is home from Minnesota and still looking for work. He's had a few hits, but nothing has panned out yet. He is enjoying his time at home though and has delved into "ghost hunting" as a hobby. Whether you believe in that stuff or not, I will tell you that he's come across some things in his adventures that I can't explain.
Luckily, I make enough to cover our basic expenses such as the mortgage and utilities. A lot of the 'extra' stuff we used to do has been put on hold for right now.

We've been talking for the last while about starting our own business. Right now, I'm spending my evenings doing research online and see what funding might be available to us. We have one possibility and have been in contact with the current owners to acquire their business. I'm waiting on some financial information from the owners so that I can complete the business plan. It could be an exciting year if we can accomplish this, but it is one of the goals that we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year.

Back to the research. Hugs to all.
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