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Weekend Update [May. 31st, 2009|09:49 pm]
Friday night we headed down to Fair Park to see the first show in the Dallas Summer Musical subscriber's season - Happy Days: A New Musical. To say we hated it, is an understatement. Bad singing, band dancing and a horrible story line. We walked out at intermission because we thought it was rude to leave the half-filled auditorium sooner.

Saturday, we went grocery shopping and rent movies. Nothing real exciting, but it was great just to sit back and relax for once

Today, we went to see "Terminator: Salvation". I thought it was OK. Nothing like the first 2 and I didnt think it was as bad as #3. After the movie, we came home, cleaned the pool, and went swimming for a bit. Bill noticed that I have a black/blue bullseye mark on my forearm. I have no idea how that happened or if I got bit by something. I'll keep a close eye on it to see if it gets worse. If it does, I'll be off to the doctor.

Other than that, the weekend was rather uneventful. Nice and relaxing which is a good thing considering tomorrow starts month end close at work.

hugs to all - Mike

[User Picture]From: jamesalbanybear
2009-06-01 03:11 am (UTC)
Thanks for adding me as a friend...but it's been a long time bud!!! Yeah we have season tickets to the theater here, and we thankfully used the "pass" option so we didn't have to see Happy Days...sounds like a good weekend!
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