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Plane Tickets Purchased - Vacation Forthcoming [Jun. 20th, 2009|03:29 pm]
A few weeks ago, I got an invitation to my high school reunion. #20.
I wasnt planning on attending, but since Bill is still unemployed and I have 19 days of PTO time at work that I need to use, he told me I should go. Plus, the fact that, as he put it, if I head to PA to visit my family, they won't be coming down here this summer.
I was going to fly into Baltimore (3 hr drive) but I was able to get a flight to Pittsburgh (2 hr drive) for under $200.
Anyways, it'll be good to see some old friends that I have not seen in a long time and catch up on things. Plus, I will get to see my family and get to play "Uncle Mike" for a few days as well.
Hugs to all