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Brain Dead

and I thought I was brain dead this morning. Woke up, grabbed a shower, let the dog out, grabbed some food and headed out the door. Only to realize halfway to work that I was wearing my flannel lounge pants and a tshirt that had in small print "nosey little fucker arent you?" Headed back home, put on my dockers and dress shirt that I had hanging on the bathroom door and headed to work.

Well, it seems it has overflowed to my co-workers as well today.
1. Boss calls me to ask why the 2002 numbers on a 2002/2001 comparison report dont match the 2002 numbers on a 2003/2002 comparison report. I remind him that we use same day comparison (Monday to Monday, year over year) rather than same date comparison (Jan 1 vs Jan 1). 90 minutes later he finally gets it.
2. His boss calls to ask the same question. Now, I've been in this position for 4 years now. My boss has been here 2 years and his boss has been here 4 years. Why do I need to keep explaining this all the time.
3. Supervisor calls to ask me why a certain agent doesnt have any stats for the pay period ending January 3. I said "because thats what my reports show.. ZERO!" Then I ask if the agent could have been on vacation. He says, "Oh, yea she was. is that why she is showing 0 calls?"
4. HR calls to argue #3 with me, saying that this particular agent only had one vacation day during the entire 2 weeks. I print out my reports, show HR that it does in fact show 0. Call ops to find get agents schedule for those weeks. Find out that said agent was granted time off.

If I get any more calls or questions like this today, I'm going to scream!
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