Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Reason # 9992 Why Idiot Annoy the F*ck out of Me

This is not an April Fools joke. To be honest, I thought it was, but the guy was too stoned this morning to think straight.

1:00AM - cell phone rings - thinking it must be important, I answer it.
Me: Hello (wait a few seconds) Hello
Caller after 30 seconds: Uh.. (hangs up)

1:07AM - cell phone rings
Me: Hello (wait a few seconds) Hello

The cell phone then goes on vibrate

This morning, I wake up. I have 8 missed calls and 6 voice messages. All from the same number (same as the 2 calls I answered)

Results of the voicemail: Nothing

I chalk it up to someone drunk dialing

Skip ahead to 10am at work - when my cell rings - same number. This should be good one I thought.

Me: Hello (wait a few seconds) Hello
Caller: Ummm..Hello
Me: What do you want?
Caller: Dude - You answered the phone
Me: Well, it rang. What do you want?
Caller: Dude - You answered the number I called
Me: Yes, dumbass, You called, I answered
Caller: This is weird. I just got this phone yesterday.
Me: That's nice. What the F*ck do you want?
Caller: I just got this phone yesterday. This is the number they gave me. They gave us the same number.
Me: No. You are calling from a different number
Caller: No I'm not.
Me: Hey dumbass, what number did they give you
Caller: 214-864-XXXX
Me: And what number did you just call?
Caller: 214-264-XXXX
Me: Do you see the difference?
Caller: umm..no
Me: You are a F*cking Idiot. Your number is 214-864-XXXX. You dialed 214-264-XXXX. they are not the same number, dumbass.
Caller: Really? Wow. dude, I tried all night to set my voice mail up.
Me: Yes, I know.
Caller: No, way! How did you know that?
Me: Because you called my F*cking number.
Caller: Dude. Are you sure?
Me: Dumbass, you just called me now. do me a favor, ok?
Caller: ok
Me: Do you have a marker or pen?
Caller: Yes. I have a sharpee
Me: Perfect. Now, grab the sharpee.
Caller: OK.
Me: Now, hold out your other hand and write on your arm. 214-864-XXXX
Caller: Ok. I got it
Me: That is your telephone #. Hang up now and call that number.
Caller: Will this wipe off?
Me: I certainly hope not.
Caller: OK. Bye

Some people are just too stupid to live.
Tags: idiots
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