Mike (txlthrson) wrote,


I'll have to admit I have low tolerance for stupid people, or people that I deem to be stupid. Over the weekend I became somewhat irritated with a few people. One individual didnt really do anything to annoy me, but I remember a past conversation with him where he argued with me for 30 minutes that Bill was not my partner and that I was partnered with someone else.
Another individual is just downright annoying. Dad and I talked about it a little this weekend and I realized that maybe the reason I cant stand he is because he isnt afraid of saying things that make him look stupid (which he does often).
Today at work, I'm dealing with more people doing stupid things. I received an email from my boss stating I needed to research a discrepancy on a report that a VP sent out. the VP stated on his report that he used CRO data to compile the report (which meant I gave him the info). It seems that my data and his data dont correlate to one another. I looked into it and finally asked for a copy of the email that he sent out. he put a footnote on his report that stated that he removed some data. This report went to my boss, his boss and someone else before I was asked to research it. If they would have taken the time to read the footnote they would have noticed. but I guess its ok for me to waste 45 minutes trying to reconcile numbers.
anyways, found out that they switched us to salary grades as of March 1. still waiting to find out what my position is going to be classified. I was given some clues as to what the range for my position would be. If they are right, I am at the bottom end of the scale. After 4 years and outstanding reviews, they better bump me up a few thousand.
well, lunch is over... back to work
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