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BTL Class [Feb. 12th, 2004|03:57 pm]
Yesterday was another Break-through Leadership class. and the discussion revolved around possibility. because when you are in your possibility, you are open-minded. After much discussion, I came to the conclusion that my possibility should be "Possibility of self-expression" since I have trouble expressing myself and tend to fly under the radar most of the times, what things are possible if I actually spoke up at times.
Steve, who was our facilitator for the class, came up with "possibility of self-expression." to me, "possibility of power" means more to me. self-expression is an element of someone who has power. now, I dont want power as in authority or in control. I was the power to change things. so much happens in the community, state and country that maybe thru self-expression, I can have an effect on. it might turn out to be something positive for me or something negative. but that is the chance you take I guess
now if I could just get myself to be more self-expressive :-)