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well, now that a have a computer that actually works again. computer at home crashed saturday while Dad was loading pics of the snow outside. ended up having to reformat the drive, which didnt work. seems the harddrive went out on it. luckily we were able to get Dad's old computer up and running, but it only had windows 95 on it and our dsl wasnt compatible. tried to upgrade to 98, but that didnt work. windows me didnt work either. Dad did some research at work and finally figured out and got 98 to load, but me wont. oh well, at least we have dsl again.

today is Dad's birthday! turns 34 today. hopefully I'll get out of work at a decent time today so we can spend the evening together. my normal schedule is 6am-3pm, however, for the past 3 weeks I've been lucky to get out of here by 5. this week so far it has been 6pm both days. depending on Dad's mood when I get home, we will probably head out to dinner somewhere, then head to the Eagle for a few drinks, then come home and have mind-blowing sex. then again, maybe we'll skip the Eagle and go right to the sex.

Last night was Round 2 of American Idol. I dont know if my expectations are high or what, but I didnt really care for any of the performers last night. It should have been called "American Ballad" last night. The one performer, Noel, sang his entire song off-key and his brother, Jesus, was just as bad. The girl from Hawaii was ok but I didnt care for her choice in song. I thought these people were supposed to try to blow us away with their talent. Matt Rogers did an ok job, but again, I wasnt too impressed. His audition song was his best so far. Compared to last week, this week sucked. I'd probably select 2 more people from last week, than allow any of the 8 from round 2 go on, but then again, thats my opinion.

well, back to work.
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