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Screwed Again

and not in a good way.

Our company's motto to the employee's in the past year has been "Be Your Word".
Now 2 weeks before bonuses are to be distributed for the past year, we are told that our bonus is being based on EBITA and not the performance of the call center. (where we blew away all records for sales for the year). What does this mean? My bonus has literally been cut into half. Not that it was going to be much anyways.. Last year, I got $800, compared to 2 years ago when I got almost $2000 (and that was after 9/11). I was set to make that amount this year. Now, my boss tells me that we are going to be lucky to make what we made last year. this company sucks!

My second screwing from this place is my new salary grade. The company decided that we should be on salary grades. I currently make $1000 over the minimum for my salary grade. I've been in this position for 4+ years. I should be at the 2nd quartile at minimum, which is a $5000 increase over what I make now. I was informed today that I would not be getting any more money other than my 2.5% raise.

All managers and directors here at the CRO are pissed about the bonus and the salary grades. Hell, my boss is threatening to turn in his notice today. He said he wants to go to another call center and turn it around like we have this one. He asked if i'd come along. hell yea I would. as long as the pay is right.
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