June 11th, 2004


Disappointment in W

and here I thought George W would have taken more of an opportunity these last few days to use Reagan's death to boost his campaign.

I pictured this:
A horse drawn carriage
A glass coffin with Reagan lying on a bed of rose petals
Hidden speakers replaying some of Reagan's more memorable speeches
A city-to-city tour of the body
A small nominal admission charge to see the coffin with all proceeds going to the Elect George W Bush President foundation.

Oh well, I guess even W has some respect for the dead.

Hey Folks, its after 1pm here

Mourning is official over.
Ok - so shoot me now.

for some reason I should be glad its Friday, but its seems like another day to me.
I'm still in that somewhat funked up mood I was in the other day. Cant seem to shake it. Last night, Dad and I were out walking Sparky and he made a few comments about how I was walking him (i.e not correcting him for walking in front of me instead of beside me). After a few more comments, I just handed him the leash and said "Here you go. I'm heading back to the house." Which is what I did. Dad tried to get me to continue walking with them, but all I wanted was to go back to the house; which is what I did. I grabbed myself a bottle of water, grabbed the book I've been reading and headed to the bedroom. I thought Dad might come into the bedroom when he got back, but he didnt. I think he knows that when I am in one of these moods that I just want to be left along. Finished the book around 9, grabbed the blanket and tried to go to sleep. Dad came to bed around 10ish. When he climbed in bed, he kissed me on the head and pulled the comforter over us. I rolled over, put my arm on his chest, laid my head on his shoulder and went to sleep.
This morning before I left for work I wrapped my arms around him, said "I love ya Dad". He said, "Love ya too son. Hope you shake whatever is bothering ya"

Hopefully I can shake it sometime. Hate when I get like this.

Tonight, we are heading to the Eagle for the Discipline Corps bar night and get our tickets for the Sunday play party. Not sure how much play I'll be up to since my back still hurts. Maybe I can convince Steve or someone to give me a nice long back massage.

Tomorrow, I got an email from John that their is a scheduled work day at the new DCAL play space. We are hoping to have it up and running by July 1. They want to start at 9am tomorrow. and we are to plan for it to last all day.

Sunday, is the play party so the afternoon is taken.

so now sometime this weekend, I have to figure out when to do laundry, yardwork and other chores. Plus have some Dad/son time.

I put in for vacation time for Inferno this year. My boss signed it, but told me that we are converting to a new res system around that time and that I might not be able to take off. He asked when I needed to know by. I told him mid-July at the latest.
I'm not sure if I can wait until September for a vacation though. I think a good weekend camping trip would be good right about now.

anyways.. lunch time over.. back to work.