January 12th, 2005


Conversation this Weekend

Tim: I heard you and Bill are going to LUEY next month
Me: Yep, got the time off work and booked a room at the hotel
Tim: What hotel?
Me: The Best Western. Its listed on their website as being the host hotel
Tim: Oh, all I saw on the website was the run application
Me: If you scroll to the bottom, you will see Hotel Information, just click on it
Tim: I saw that, I dont understand why they didnt just list the hotel information on that screen. I didnt know I had to click on it to get the hotel stuff
Me: Oh, ok
Tim: I'm not sure what I am doing yet. I've been talking to a guy online from Houston. He wants me to be his boy for the weekend.
Me: Thats cool. What have you talked about?
Tim: Oh the usual scenes: bondage, flogging, spanking. Basicaly me servicing him all weekend
Me: Cool, you might get that Daddy you've been looking for
Tim: He wants me to stay with him, but I'm not sure that I will
Me: Why's that?
Tim: He wont give me his name. He knows mine and my telephone number.
Me: Do you have his number?
Tim: No, he wont give that either.
Me: Do you know where in Houston he lives?
Tim: No, I am flying in and he said he'll send someone to pick me up at the airport. Maybe thats a red flag, and I shouldnt stay with him. What do you think?
Me: Um yea, Red Flag
Tim: I dont know. He does sound like a nice guy when we talk online. and I would only be staying with him for a few days. I dont see any harm in it
Me: (sarcasticly) You are right Tim. No harm in it. You are just travelling to stay with someone who you have never met, except for online. He wont give you his name or telephone number. He is having someone else pick you up at the airport, taking you to his house, which you dont know where it is. You are going to let him tie you up and beat on you. A man that you dont even know his name. No harm it in, right? Did you at least get a picture of him?
Tim: No, he said he didnt have one.
Me: So, you dont see anything wrong with this?
Tim: well, maybe (walks away)

I just stood there stunned for a few seconds and then walked out to the patio to have a cigar.
How can a grown man in his 40s be so naive? Tim has never struck me as the sharpest knife in the drawer, and at times he can get really annoying, but even this was beyond his normal antics. I told Dad later that I hope he makes the decision to stay at a hotel.

---update from yesterday---
I'm in a much better mood today. The state that I was in for the past 2 days left as quickly as it came on. I considered downing a few cocktails when I got home, but decided alcohol wasnt the answer. Instead, a few minutes rough-housing with Sparky on the living room floor turned my mood right around.