January 17th, 2005


Recap of the past few days

Friday night, Dad and I decided to stay in instead of heading down to the Eagle. We decided to rent movies and have Chinese for dinner. I stopped at the Chinese restaurant, placed the order, went to the video store, grabbed 4 movies, back to the Chinese restaurant and then home.
Movies I picked up this weekend were:
OPEN WATER - I shut it off an hour into the movie, if that. I couldnt get into it and found myself falling asleep. I couldnt wait for them to get into the water and then I couldnt wait for them to die so the movie would end. Needlesstosay, I couldnt wait that long
HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE - after OPEN WATER, I figured we needed a good laugh. great movie. laughed the entire time
DE-LOVELY - another movie I had a hard time getting into. But actually stuck this one out. It had its good moments and had its bad ones.
SHAUN OF THE DEAD - Laughed my ass off on this one.

Saturday, we went to see PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. I thought it was great. I would have loved to have seen in when it was in Toronto years ago, but my partner at that time, didnt like to sit in one place for more than 30 minutes, so he would never agree to go see it. and of course, I wouldnt have been allowed to go by myself, especially to Toronto.

Saturday night we went to the Eagle. The theme was Black Light Party and the Eagle looked more like a neon disco joint than a leather bar. Still, we had a fun time

Sunday, we stayed in all day. Ordered pizza and watched TV. Watched part of the Golden Globes, then switched to Desperate Housewives. I recorded Carnivale while Desperate Housewives was on, then we watched that.

Today, I was supposed to be off, but asked to work, so that I could get some things done at the office. Taking this Friday off so that I can have a 3 day weekend!

and Thats all folks