January 31st, 2005


My 3-Day Weekend

I had Friday off work since I worked MLK Day this year. My car has been leaking transmission fluid for the past few weeks, so I decided that it was time to get it fixed. $608 later, its no longer leaking. The original estimate that he gave me was for $480, but that didnt include any taxes. When they pulled the transmission, they noticed a crack in a gasket, which was an additional $90. I guess I should be happy that its fixed.
Rick, the mechanic, did tell me that all of the leaks were minor and that I probably could have gone until mid-summer without getting it fixed. But, with my luck, the damn thing would have burned out as I was driving down to Houston next week for LUEY.
Speaking of LUEY Collapse )
Saturday, Dad and I spent the day checking out Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, etc. Looking to get prices for new windows, siding, and gutters for the house. We decided to throw our tax refunds into getting some things fixed around the house. I placed an request for quotes on Service Magic. I had 2 contractors call me within 2 hours of places the request. I'm going to contact them tonight to see when I can schedule them to come out to give me a quote for everything.
We were going to go to the Eagle for drinks, but since it was Flesh/Fantasy weekend, the Eagle was having a $15 cover to get in. We had a choice of going really early (around 6ish) or going late (10:30ish) to avoind paying the cover. We decided it really wasnt worth doing either, and stayed in and watched a few movies we rented on Friday. (King Arthur, Hero, Friday Night Lights, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow)
Sunday, we headed over to Haltom City for a Discipline Corps Executive Officers meeting. Dad commented on the drive there about how far Bill/Danny and Glenn/Gary have to drive each month just for our meetings, which are usually at the Eagle. At a group, we decided that we liked the idea of meeting at someone's house and having some type of potluck before or after the meeting. We were going to head to Ft. Worth to the Stockshow/Rodeo, but decided not to since it was pouring down rain.
and thats it for the weekend.


Forgot to mention. I renewed my CPR certification last weekend.
CPR class is always exciting when you have a kink-friendly instructor teaching the class.

Comments made in the class:
Instructor: What is the first thing you do when you notice some one is choking?
Student: Ask them if they are OK?
Instructor: Remove your cock from their mouth first, then ask if they are ok

Instructor while demonstrating the defibulator: I just realized that this would be a good mind-fuck for someone. Tie the boy up, blindfold him. Put the pads on them.. and let them think I am using the actual defibulator and not the demo model.

Having a fun instructor definitely makes the time go by quickly