February 1st, 2005



Today, I am suffering from IBS - Irritable Boy Syndrome

Besides the normal headaches I get from processing hotel billing on the first of the month, I have been hit with the following since I stepped thru the office doors this morning.

1. a VP at Corporate is now questioning a weekly report that I sent out 5 weeks ago. When I first read his email, I thought he was referring to the weekly report I sent out yesterday. 30 minutes later, I realized the date he is talking about.

2. One of the property GMs wants me to give him daily call volume and sales conversion for his property for the past 2 months by day for the Dallas Office and the San Juan Office. and he wants it by the end of today. When I informed him that I was in the middle of monthend billing, he contacted my boss, who told him that he would have the information by end of today.

3. Reports from the new reservations system still suck. So I am stuck doing things manually again this month.

4. Another property GM questions his billing every month. I havent even started his billing yet, and he is complaining. I just got an email from him while I was doing this.

and to really put me in a good mood for the day. Dad called me at work this morning to tell me that he had some good news and bad news for me:
Bad News: - He was selected to attend a training class all next week and the following week. After that he will conduct training classes for his district. He was going to turn it down, but he wants to eventually move into the Training Department at FedExKinkos. When he lived in Cleveland, he was a regional trainer, but was laid off in Sept 2001. They rehired him as an assistant manager. He has been trying to get into the Training Dept since then. When FedEx merged with Kinkos, his possibilities for moving into training increased. This is a good step for him in that direction.
Good News: Looks like we will be saving some money

He told me that I could still go if I wanted to. I said "No" and that I'll cancel my scheduled vacation time. I really dont want to drive 4 hours by myself and since I know noone in Houston, spend alot of time being the 3rd wheel with partnered friends that are going. I wouldnt enjoy myself.

So, at this point of my day, my life sucks.