February 4th, 2005



Dad and I decided to use our tax refunds to get the windows replaced in the house.
So far I've met with 2 contractors and have gotten 2 completely different prices.
One came in at $2800 for 8 simonton replacement vinyl windows - within my budget
The other came in at $6800 for 8 kensington replacement windows - way over my budget

First of all, none of the contractors have been hot woofy bears. I still have hope that maybe one of the 2 remaining contractors will provide me with some eye candy while we are discussing window options.

Pricing aside, I was impressed with the Simonton contractors presentation. Very personable. He gave me 6 references in the Carrollton area where his company has done work.
The kensington contractor was not personable at all. no references and when I asked he said that he would email me some references.

Any one know anything about replacement windows and want to give me some advice on windows?

I've checked several online sites, but all give mixed reviews on everything.
Consumer Reports.com now wants you to subscribe to get information off of its site.