February 16th, 2005


Update on Things

WORK--Still working long hours trying to get the reports up and running. Our task force manager set a deadline of April 1 to have all reports up and running again. Then I get to go back and re-extract data from November 21st to March 31 and re-do all my daily reports. Yes, it sucks to be me

HOME--Finalizing details with the window contractor to replace the windows. Hopefully get everything signed off tomorrow so that they can order them. We decided to hold off on the siding until next year when hopefully we have more funds. Cant do everything at once I guess.
Dad is attending training this week so that he can train team members in the district on a new point of sale system. He has been putting in 8+ hours a day in training for the past week, then coming home and spending 2-3 hours reading work emails and dealing with issues at his store. I'm starting to feel like I'm single again. Last night though, he made up for it. I'll leave that up to your imaginations.
Sparky has been on a holy terror lately for some reason. He is in plant attack mode. Last week, he ripped 2 plants to shreds, dragging them all through the living room and dining room. Yesterday, he did the same thing. Both times, all of his toys remained in the same spot they were when I left for work in the morning. Nothing else has been torn apart, just a few plants.

Dad's Birthday is Friday. Not sure exactly what I am going to do yet. His mother is sending me a check to buy him a dozen roses and a cake for his birthday and to have all this delivered to his work. Flowers are no problem, but trying to find a bakery that delivers is next to impossible. I may have to escape work for a few hours to pick it up and deliver it myself.

I already bought him his present and he already knows what it is. I figured that while I was buying myself a laptop, I would get him as well. Circuit City was giving a $150 rebate on certain laptops, plus HP was giving a $50 rebate, so even though I exceeded the amount of the bonus I received, the rebates will more than cover the amount I went over.

Anyways, that's all thats new with me.
Thanks to furrbear for all of his help in deciding what kind of laptop to get.
Chatted briefly last night with stogiebearcub. Hope you are feeling better and able to smoke those cigars. Dad stopped at the cigar shop last night on his way home and bought some La Gloria Cubana Series R #7s.