February 21st, 2005


(no subject)

Rather uneventful day at work today. finally. spent most of the day testing reports and confirming that the data is correct. turned in one issue where the some of the data is in one system, but not in the other. the system that has the data actually extracts its data nightly from the other. for some reason, after the data was extracted, the other system deleted it. now I.T. is investigating why it disappeared. could be another problem with the entire software package.
speaking of the entire software package, my boss is trying to convince his bosses to just get rid of the software and install a new reservation system. which if approved, means that all this time and energy I'm spending on these reports is worthless. gotta love how people think

came home from work and cleaned up a bit. cooked dinner and watched some television. now just relaxing listening to some tunes on bear radio. heading to bed shortly.