February 24th, 2005


Things I am Hating Today

1. People who do not know how to drive in the rain
2. People driving in the rain while on their cell phones
3. People who make commitments for me at work, but fail to tell me about them
4. People who the commitment was made to yelling at me because I didn't do their project that was due this morning.
5. Myself because all I did was sit at my desk with a stupid look on my face wondering what I was being yelled at for.
6. Myself for remaining professional and not grabbing the mug on my desk and breaking it over her head

hmmm.. all this before 10am. I wonder what the rest of the day holds in store for me

the day ends

So how did I handle my anger at work today?
Shut my office door, turned on the radio, put my feet up on the desk and did absolutely nothing for 30 minutes.
When someone asked me why I had my door closed, my response was "I needed to find a happy place"
It still didnt make things go away, I could just handle them better.
I ended up leaving work an hour later than normal, bringing the project home with me. finally finished it up at 8pm, sending it off to the person who bitched me out this morning. Funny thing is.. she is taking a vacation day tomorrow. and she definitely needs it.
I did decide one thing today though. I used to bust my ass to get things done for this particular Director. Usually dropping everything to help her out when she needed it. After today, her place on my priority list has definitely dropped a few spaces. I'll do things when I get the time to do them, no more rush jobs for her, unless directed to rush it by my manager. But after today, he knows my feelings on all this. so we shall see.
well, its now 10pm and I'm exhausted. heading to bed.
have a good night, men.