February 25th, 2005


Things I saw on my way to Corporate today

I had to go to our corporate office today for a meeting.
On the drive there, I saw:

a SUV that must have come around a corner too fast, laying upside down along the highway. Fire trucks and police were at the scene
a wagon that was being hauled by a truck come loose and weave down the highway.
2 cars collide where Hwy 183 and Hyw 114 merge near Texas stadium
2 cars collide where Hwy 183 and I-35 merge near Mockingbird Lane
Several near misses involving 3 lanes of traffic and the desire to exit the freeway

So my question is: Did everyone forget what they learned in drivers' ed today?

in other news:
I'm trying to convince my boss that since I worked 4 hours at home last night, that I should get to leave 2 hours early today. So far it isnt working. Maybe I'll just sneak out an hour early instead.

I was going to meet Dad for lunch after my meeting, but his boss showed up and decided that they needed to have a working lunch.

I'm in the mood to head out for a couple of cocktails tonight. Hopefully we'll get there early enough for happy hour. Scott, the happy hour bartneder, has a way of making the other bartenders seem tolerable.

Not much else going on. just ready for the work day to end