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February 27th, 2005

Weekend Update [Feb. 27th, 2005|09:01 am]
Friday night we went to the Eagle. It was the meet and greet for South Plains Leatherfest. The bar was packed while the festivities were going on (basically SRO) but once that ended, the bar cleared out. Very sad for a Friday night. I told Dad that I remember when the place was packed from 10pm til close on Friday nights. Of course the bar has been cracking down on the extracurricular activities that used to go on up on the balcony. Im sure they'll keep an eye on things for TBRU this year, since they recently got the fine for last years little indiscretion. (fine is rumored to be in the 70k range)
On another TBRU note, the club I belong to was supposed to sponsor a cocktail party Friday night in the hospitality suite. Somehow, there was a miscommunication, and the TBRU committee scheduled us for Thursday from 6pm-8pm. Due to work schedules, many of us cannot be there to set up and have things ready by 6pm, so we will not be participating. So I guess I'll run into ya'll at the bar or maybe at the vender fair.
Saturday afternoon we went to the vender fair for SPLF. Most of the venders seemed geared more towards women. Yea, there were some venders with whips, paddles, etc. But currently we have enough of those, we are looking for different play toys, equipment, etc. Saw a few guys trying on utilikilts. and a very large lady who took her shirt off to try on some article of leather. that was something that I definitely did not need to see. We were going to go out last night, but decided to rent movies instead.
#1 was TAXI. It had some really funny moments, and alot of really slow boring moments.
#2 was SHARK TALE. Again, it had its moments, but I wasnt really impressed with it
#3 was SAW. I didnt think that I would like it, but overall I thought it was a pretty good flick.
No real plans for today. Dadhas a lot of things that he needs to do for work and his training classes today. So while he is doing that, I'm working on some chores around the house. Not sure if we'll watch the Oscars tonight or not. Guess it'll depend on our moods.
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(no subject) [Feb. 27th, 2005|09:02 pm]
Who came up with the new theme song for The L-Word on Showtime? Because it sucks, in my opinion
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