March 10th, 2005


Days like today make me want to hug my boss

My boss is on vacation today and tomorrow, then off to our center in San Juan next week.
Two other directors are leaving for Vegas today.

I got a phone call from the window company and it seems our new windows arrived yesterday and they want to install them on Monday.

My boss called me to ask me to pull some figures for him, so I asked for Monday off so I could be there when the windows are installed. He said that since he is out of the office and 2 directors are out, that he needs me to work. I said "Ok, I have them re-schedule". His response "Why dont you just work from home on Monday?"

I'm hope that by letting me work at home on Monday, that he'll let me work at home more often. I seem to get 10x more work done at home than I do in the office. Believe it or not, less distractions at home.

My Dr. Evil Pose

Here is my Dr. Evil pose for the company's annual banquet.
I think the staff will get a good laugh out of it.

and no, I was not going to shave off the goatee for the picture, even though they wanted me to

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