July 25th, 2005


Weekend Recap

Friday night after work, I stopped at Hollywood Video to pick up a few flicks to watch over the weekend. Ended up with "A Dirty Shame", "Man of the House", "Cursed" and "Blast"

Saturday, I actually slept in. Then I went with Dad to run some errands. Stopped in at the FedExKinkos branch in Oaklawn to clean up the training room since Dad has a few classes to teach there this week. After 50 million trips to the dumpster with boxes that I broke down, we arranged the room for his classes this week.

Saturday night, we considered going out, but ended up staying in.

Sunday, we had a Discipline Corps officer's meeting at the Eagle. Three hours and a few cocktails later, we were on our way home. I cooked some dinner, opened up a bottle of wine, and crashed in front of the TV for the rest of the night.

Work is sort of light today, which is a good thing. But scary in the sense that Monday's are never this slow for me. I actually have time to get caught up on some other projects. The rumor mill is still running strong. The latest one is that another hotel company is interested in our call center and our technology. Supposedly, this company will keep everyone at the reservations office, including me, and we would be their employees. I have a feeling that if this were to come true, that I would be asked to take a pay cut and I'm definitely not for that.
Right now, I just want them to let me go and let me have my severance. In the event that I do get let go, I plan on taking my time to find a new job, finding something that is what I want. I dont want to jump into something just for the sake of having a job. I'll probably go back to Lowes to see if I can get my old parttime job back working the customer service desk. Home Depot is right down the street as well too. Working parttime would allow me to have a little extra spending money, plus allow me to do some needed projects around the house.
I guess I'll find something out in the next few weeks. Rumor mill says August 16th is the magic day