September 19th, 2005


Decision Day

I thought about it over the weekend and decided that it would be best to take the severance and take my chances with the job market. I went to Cendant's website to see what they offered locally and the choices were limited, at best. Cendant has already informed people at our former corporate office that their job will be eliminated or they will be relocated to New Jersey. Some functions will still remain here in Dallas, but I am not qualified for any of those.
Saturday, I re-wrote my resume and started sending it out. Tonight when I get home from work, I'll be doing the same again.
My boss has not given me a date as of yet. His comment was "Just in case your name would come up in a discussion, I wanted to know what your feelings were." Cendant has committed to providing Wyndham employees with some sort of schedule within the next 60 days. My boss said that I could be let go before or after that comes out.