November 8th, 2005


Update on things

Interview tomorrow at 4:00PM with a company that saw my resume on the internet. Data Analyst position. Asked the lady that I talked to to send me a copy of the job description since they contacted me. She sent me her file with contact information of people she has interviewed for the position.

Two managers from our corporate office are "shocked and dismayed" that I am being laid off on December 31. They want to know who is going to do monthend, 4th quarter, and yearend closing. My response: "Not my problem!" Before I signed my notice, I asked if they weresure that I wouldnt be needed after December 31st. I was told that "We'll manage."

My boss had an interview with a travel company based in Southlake. If he gets the job, he wants me to work for him. It would only be an additional 10-15 minute more commute. Position could result in flight/hotel benefits, plus I'll be working with someone who already is aware of my skills. He cant take another position until Feb 1, so we have some time to discuss

2 more days and we are in Chicago for a few days. staying at The Majestic. Trying to figure out what to do Thursday night and Sunday night as Friday and Saturday are taken up by CHC events.