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November 24th, 2005

RENT [Nov. 24th, 2005|12:21 am]
Dad and I went to see RENT tonight. I never had the opportunity to see it on stage, but I thought the movie rocked. Angel was my favorite character followed closely by Collins. It is not going to be a blockbuster because of the uptight state of this country these days. Hell, most of the people I work with think it is about a group of gay people. I explained to most of them that it is about 7 friends (8 if you count Benny) in New York dealing with AIDS and life in general.
Tomorrow, we are planning on seeing Harry Potter and possibly Walk the Line. No other plans for the holiday tomorrow. Just going to relax and enjoy ourselves.
Friday and Saturday, we are staying at the Anatole. Found out today that they upgraded up to a tower suite. Saturday, they are opening up their new bar/lounge area with a cigar patio, so we are planning on checking that out before heading out for some cocktails for my birthday.
Sunday, I am heading to my cousin's place to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. and Monday its back to work
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