February 15th, 2006


Update on the job front

Still unemployed. Had an interview last Friday that I thought went well. The manager and I really seemed to get along very well. But it was one of those interviews where the interviewer talked more than I did. I couldnt seem to get a word in edge wise. He only asked me one question, which was "Name 3 words to describe you" To some degree I felt that I was interviewing him.
The HR recruiter called me today and said that I didnt get the position. I thanked her for calling me and told her that I kinda had a feeling that I didnt get it anyways. I then told her briefly about the interview. She apologized, but then told me that she talked to another manager and he feels that I would be a good fit for his department. So tomorrow at 11am, I go back.
The thing about this new position is that I'm not as qualified for it as I was the other one. I am familiar with the workforce system that they use, but at Wyndham, I only pulled reports from the system. I didnt actually use it. But we shall see. I'll see if I can charm my way into it.

Other than that, things are ok on the home front. The bathroom remodel is on hiatus until I get a few leaks fixed in the sewer lines under the house. 4 leaks to be exact. cost to repair $8730. I'm now working on other projects and trying to figure out a way to pay to fix the leaks, since they definitely need fixed immediately. I hate digging into my severance this early in the game.

Bill was in Omaha for Valentine's Day. Today he is in Kansas City until Friday. He got me a Redneck Bubba Bear from Vermont Teddy Bear Company. I am getting him the DVD to RENT and bought him a better laptop case for when he travels. His birthday is Saturday and I'm trying to figure out what to do. Of course the weather is not going to be cooperative. Its supposed to be 80 today and tomorrow, then in the low 40s and raining over the weekend.

I'm doing better dealing with him being away 90% of the time. Last Saturday evening, I made him put his laptop and cell phone away, so that I could have some "ME-time" with him. It sucks that I basically have to "schedule" time with him, but his job requires him to keep on top of things with all of his districts.

anyways..back to the job hunt here..